Release Policy

API Releases


API releases are categorised as major, minor or patch using standard semantic versioning (major.minor.patch):

  • Major releases (x.y.z) include new features and breaking changes for previously warned deprecations.

    For major releases, we provide an upgrade guide as well as release notes.

  • Minor releases (x.y.z) include new features and no breaking changes.

    Minor releases don’t require an upgrade guide, but we provide release notes.

  • Patch releases (x.y.z) contain only bug fixes and no breaking changes.

    Patch releases don’t require an upgrade guide. We typically provide release notes.

Breaking Changes

Though we try not to, we may have to make out-of-policy releases, deprecations, or breaking changes due to issues such as security risks, or fixes with exceptional technical burden. In such cases, a release note and upgrade guides will always be provided.

API Stages

API features in sandbox go through some stages before they are marked as Stable. Your plugin should only ever rely on Stable APIs since they are the only ones that respect the bug fixing and breaking changes policy outlined above. Usage of APIs in other stages is highly discouraged.

All APIs that are in a different stage than Stable are marked with an annotation that indicates their current stage (e.g. @Beta indicates that the API is in Beta stage). Additionally, the current stage name may be in their package hierarchy, their class name, their method names and/or in comments (e.g., InternalBlock may reside in a package named internal).

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