Introduction to Resources

Servers run on a collection of resources. A resource is a collection of files - such as client scripts, server scripts, and assets - that can be started, stopped and restarted at any time.

Resource Directories

In the server, resources are loaded from a folder called resources/ in the server data directory. Any folder in the resources/ folder is parsed as a resource, except folders between [brackets] which are categories, which can contain multiple resource folders.
Each resource folder also has to contain a resource manifest reference called manifest.toml to be correctly parsed as a resource.
See this example directory tree:
└── resources
├── [category]
│ ├── [another]
│ │ └── resource-2
│ │ └── manifest.toml
│ └── resource-1
│ └── manifest.toml
└── main
└── manifest.toml
In this tree, the following resources exist:
  • main
  • resource-1
  • resource-2